E. Boston, MA
Product rendering
Industrial design lies at the heart of Maverick Design Studio. We specialize in taking concepts and undertaking an iterative process to develop your product. Starting by researching your target market and creating sketches and a basic design, we can create a result that resonates with the most amount of people. We pay close attention to every detail, from the CMF to the product's packaging. Everything matters.
Mechanical engineering operates very closely with industrial design, and good mechanical design is necessary for the success of any product. We use the initial drawings to create CAD models that will optimize the model for the manufacturing process. Prototypes of the overall product and mechanisms can ensure that we produce a functional, manufacturable product.
Every great business or product needs an equally alluring website to show it off. We design attractive and interactive websites that will compliment whatever it may be that you want to put out there, keeping potential customers engaged with your content and more connected to your brand. Whether it be an entire website or just a landing page, catching the right people's eye is what matters most. We'll help you understand the layout and design that will celebrate what makes you unique.
Product rendering is an incredible tool that can produce photorealistic images without providing a physical product to photograph. Using software such as Keyshot, we can take existing CAD models and create eye-catching renders at numerous angles. Using these images, we can study the form, color, or finish of the product and even use them for marketing and advertising while the product is still in its final development stage.
One of the more crucial steps in a product's launch is the promotion of it. The best product won't see success without good promotional material. We'll take care of anything from product and fashion photography to video production of any sort. From 30 second commercials to short films, we're equipped with the right tools and know-how to produce your vision.
User experience and user interface are the two major contributors to any digital product. They are both centered around how people view and interact with your digital design. Producing an impressive interface and interaction can play a significant role in how enjoyable the experience of using your product is and, in turn, how long a user will want to use your product. We'll work in tandem to draft a sleek and simple design that's easy to navigate and a pleasure to view.